15 reasons why it is smart to shop at local markets

At the age of 11, Birke Baehr is dreaming to become an organic farmer, instead of  a football player like most boys his age. He regularly volunteers at a local farm and uses his spare time to educate his peers about the importance of knowing where their food actually comes from. If you have 5 minutes to watch the inspiring TED talk of this young man, you should give it a go!

Local food is safer

It is a great advantage to know where what you eat comes from. For starters, the source of your food does not have to be anonymous or just some big supermarket chain. When you decide to shop at local markets you can have a chat with the farmer and create a relationship built on trust.

Support local farmers, jobs and invest in your community

By purchasing food at a farmer’s market you actively support local family businesses. Therefore you are not only helping the local employment situation, but you are also investing in the future of your community.

High quality & freshness

With every product you buy from a certain producer, you are giving him a ‘vote with your wallet’. Only farmers that offer fresh food and high quality all year around can compete on the marketplace. The fact that the food is harvested locally means that the transport and storage is kept to a minimum. This does not only guarantee freshness but also leads to a reduced carbon footprint and makes your purchase environmentally friendly.

Unbeatable taste, nutritional value and variety

Local fresh food is not meant to be shipped or stored for weeks and therefore will have a much better taste and be rich in nutrients. You will also not only see the most popular produce displayed like in supermarkets, but the whole variety of food that your region offers.

Higher awareness of seasons and surprises

As the products are not shipped from overseas, farmers can only offer seasonal food. This means that you will learn to appreciate the uniqueness of seasons and have a deeper understanding of your local environment. You will soon start to enjoy it like a little celebration and get excited when your favourite food comes into season.

Relaxing shopping environment

Shopping at a market is a major contrast to the stressful, quick supermarket runs, where you have to fight for the last shopping cart, keep your kids away from the chocolate aisle, lock the barking dog in the car and waste your precious time at the checkout. A farmer’s market is outdoors so you can make it a family event (including your furry best friend). It is a lot of fun to stroll around the market stalls, fresh coffee in one hand and a bag of fresh food in the other, warm rays of sunshine on your face…you get the point.

Save money

Last but not least you will get better quality food and spend less money than at the supermarket. Try and keep track of how much you save each week and add it to your savings for the next vacation or treat yourself with some local produce from the market which you haven’t tried before!

And because we cherish the benefits of farmers’ markets and seasonal local fruit, we will give you regular updates about what you can find at your local market at each time of year!