3 Kids Snacks To Replace The Happy Meal

Sometimes, feeding your kids snacks can be a daunting task. Finding the right balance between compensating for picky tastes, providing variety and ensuring good nutrition can seem difficult, but it needn’t be if you are able to make the snacks seem more appealing to kids. One of the many reasons behind the success of McDonald’s over the years is the way they appeal to kids. The kids meal isn’t just a burger and chips, it’s a ‘happy meal’. They get a toy and play on the playground so the junk food seems fun and appealing. That’s the appeal of junk food – it’s perceived as fun food, as usually it is eaten out or ordered in and riddled with sugar. But, by making snacks fun or giving your kids a fun way to eat them they’ll actually look forward to them and may stop the tantrums every time fruit of veggies are mentioned.

Apple Boats

These are a fun way to serve fruit and bring in a play element to snack time. Cut the apple into wedges and remove seeds – it should look like a mini boat. Then place a toothpick in the middle and place another small piece of fruit on the toothpick – it can be anything from a grape to pineapple to a banana, as long as it doesn’t capsize the boat! Fruit that can be cut into a triangle to look like a sail is best. Your kids then have their very own boat to eat!

Peanut Butter on Celery with Raisins

While it may sound like a strange combination, this can actually be a big hit with kids. Peanut butter is very high in protein and alongside celery and raisins makes for a healthy and nutritious snack and is super easy to prepare. To experiment, try swapping the peanut butter with almond butter, honey or any other spread – the neutral taste of celery means it will go with just about anything.

Hommus with Carrots, Celery, Cucumber or Salt Free Crackers

There are some really great ways this can be made into a fun snack for kids. Hommus, made from pureed chickpeas, is contains folate and iron while the carrots, celery or cucumber contribute a serving of vegetables – great for a balanced diet. Kids love dipping, and you can add another play element to snack time by arranging the vegetables on the plate to resemble something (Eg a person) and get them to help you!


Smoothies make for a highly nutritious snack that is quick, easy and customisable. There are so many different types of smoothies to suit all tastes, and you can even play around with different ingredients in order to make them your childs favourite colour. That way, the delicious purple drink they’re having seems to them like any other fizzy drink or milkshake, only this one is healthy! A basic recipe would be to use a non-fat yoghurt, a banana, a small amount of honey and some frozen fruits – but the possibilities are endless. You can easily sneak in a couple of servings of fruits without you children even noticing!

It’s that simple – make the snacks fun, and all of a sudden you can compete and make your home snacks as appealing as junk food. Remember, it is ok to give your kids junk food as a special treat every now and then, but ensure that most of the time they’re eating your healthy, fun snacks!