5 Bad Habits Healthy People Have

Let’s face it, we all have bad habits, and yes, this goes for healthy people too. Even people who choose healthy foods and keep active can develop habits that can be detrimental to their fitness and well-being.

As a personal trainer, I see firsthand the things ‘healthy’ people are willing to do to their body to achieve their fitness goals. To be completely honest, these not so healthy habits often have more negative effects than positive. Here are five common bad habits healthy people have.

1. Always opting for low-fat products.

We know that too much fat is bad for us – so you should choose any product that has a huge 99% Fat Free label on it? Not necessarily. Fat-free products often have a high sugar and salt content which make up for the ‘lost’ flavour. Low-fat products with added sugar or salt can have just as many (or more) kilojoules than the full-fat version.

How do we avoid buying into this good marketing? Easy – shop smart! Rather than looking at the front of products (the advertising), turn it around and look at the back label to make sure it has no nasty additives. Most importantly, remember that not all fat is bad for us; our body relies on good fats that can be found in foods such as salmon, avocado and walnuts. Avoid products with high saturated or trans fat, but don’t cut the good fats out.

2. Avoid Socialising

Sometimes in order to be healthy you have to give up a few of life’s indulgences. This doesn’t mean that you have to lock yourself away from possible temptations. Remember, being social and being healthy go hand in hand. Staying social ensures that we keep healthy relationships with those around us and that we don’t isolate ourselves.

This doesn’t mean you have to base all your social encounters around indulging in food or alcohol, because there are plenty other ways to socialise with friends and family. Try a fun run with work friends, take a trip to the local market, go to health related expos, try healthy cafes, or simply workout together. There are endless ways to keep healthy and remain social!

3. Overtraining

Exercise can easily become addictive, mainly due to the endorphin it releases. This can be a very healthy addiction as long as you listen to your body. If you choose to ignore signs that you are over-training, you risk injury, illness and physiological issues. It can also be harmful to your performance and progress. Ensure that your training is making you feel energised and if you do suffer from fatigue or muscles soreness, take a break! Recovery is the key to fitness success!

4. Over Think Being Healthy

Living healthily doesn’t need to be complicated! The key to a long healthy life is having a positive balance. To ensure you maintain your fitness and health goals – think simple, be active, eat colourful, use portion control and have everything in moderation!

5. Eat Too Much Healthy Food

When it comes to food, you really can have too much of a good thing! Just because something is healthy, doesn’t mean that you can eat three plates of it. I’m not talking about over indulging in lettuce or beans but rather meats, pasta, bread and some nuts. These types of foods have great nutritional value, however to take full advantage, we only need a controlled amount. So, if you are watching your waistline or working towards a health goal – make sure you are familiar with portion sizes even with healthy foods!