How to Make a Better Lunch Box for Kids

Let’s face it – coming up with healthy food ideas for lunch boxes, that kids will actually eat, can be tricky. Here’s some simple ideas to make it easier for the lunch box packer in your house and encourage better eating by your kids.

Be Prepared

When you’re in a rush you’re more likely to grab chips and chocolate biscuits. Pack the lunch boxes the night before and pop them in the fridge or make food in batches, freeze and defrost it, as you need. All this helps to alleviate some of the pre-school, rushing around madness.

Bake Your Own

Find a basic cake, biscuit, muffin and muesli bar recipe to make your own lunchbox snacks. By cooking them at home, you can tailor them to your kids’ tastes. You can also reduce the amount of sugar, switch from plain to wholemeal flour and add some pureed fruits and vegetables to the mixture. Pack them in airtight containers or wrap them individually and freeze them.

Involve The Kids

Get the kids to go shopping with you and pick out ingredients to put in their sandwiches. Perhaps you could bake together? Things like vegetable pikelets and sausage rolls are fun and might encourage them to try new things if they’ve shopped for the ingredients and cooked the meals themselves.

Switch It Up

Sandwiches are simple to prepare, but sometimes your kids get bored with vegemite and cheese. Homemade soup, sushi, wraps, pizzas and savoury bread rolls are just as easy and can provide your kids with the variety they need.  There are lots of websites you can find great recipes like Taste and Kidspot.

Finger Food

Get a lunchbox with lots of compartments and put different things in each section. Slices of cucumber, carrot, sultanas, baby tomatoes, cheese sticks, pitta bread, dried fruit, apple segments, blueberries, dips and olives are just a few tasty morsels that might tickle their fancy.

Be Silly

Sometimes just having a sense of humour will make the difference. Use cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches into shapes or write jokes and pop them in the lunch box. Make animals out of the food and freeze their yoghurt to make slushies.

Packing healthy food in your kids’ lunchboxes is not just about promoting good eating habits – it’s about being adventurous and giving your kids a fresh perspective on food. Healthy eating doesn’t always equal dull and bland– it can be fun and yummy too. And with a little planning, it’s not that hard to do.