Spotlight on Sugar – how much sugar is in your favourite drinks?

Everyone knows that soft drink is bad for you. However, you might be surprised by just how much sugar is lurking in your seemingly ‘healthy’ beverage options. On average, there are approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar in one regular can of soft drink.

Most people give themselves a pat on the back for choosing a ‘healthier’ option such as a juice or smoothie,  but experts are now warning that sugary drinks in any form are responsible for weight gain and health concerns like type 2 diabetes.

Drinks such as fruit juice have a lot of hidden kilojoules due to the naturally high levels of fructose in fruits. One study found that a single serving of orange juice contained the same amount of sugar as three and a half Krispy Kreme donuts!

We’ve already taken a look at the hidden sugar content in alcohol, now we take a closer look at some of the worst, and most surprising drink offenders.

Coca Cola
It’s no secret that soft drink is packed with sugar, but you might be surprised to see learn just how much. Consuming drinks like this on a regular basis is a fast track for a one way ticket to the dentist.

590 ml bottle
Sugar: 65g

Red Bull Energy Drink
People choose energy drinks based on their extra claim benefits with ingredients such as caffeine and taurine, but with such a huge amount on sugar per can it’s more likely that what you’re experienced is just a plain old sugar high.

250 ml can
Sugar: 48.5g

Ribena Fruit Drink
This is a popular choice among kids, and promoted as a healthy option in advertisements due to a high level of vitamin C. With one bottle containing the same amount of sugar as 13 Oreo Chocolate biscuits, it may be worth re-thinking this option.

500ml Bottle
Sugar: 52.6g

Vitamin Water, Guava Flavour
Vitamin Water has received a lot of criticism for being marketed as a healthy option, when in fact it contains large amount of sugar, responsible for tooth decay.

590ml bottle
Sugar: 33g

Orange Juice
Juice has a surprisingly high amount of sugar, and since the fibre is also removed during the juicing process there is less barrier to the body breaking down and using the sugar. If possible, it’s always better to opt for the whole piece of fruit over the juiced version.

16oz bottle
Sugar: 48g

Nesquik Chocolate Milk
Flavoured milk is a popular choice particularly with children, but be careful to check the label as this particular brand has more sugar than a can of Red Bull energy drink.

16oz bottle
Sugar: 58g

To stay feeling your best try to limit the amount of sugar in your diet. Always opt for water as your first choice – it has no acid, no sugar, zero kilojoules and if you get it from the tap it’s free! Low fat milk, unsweetened drinks or drinks with a reduced sugar content are good options too. Just make sure to check the label when making your decision.