Un. Com. Plexi. Cate.

Un. Plexicate. Com.

Complicate. Unplex.


It’s a complicated word for a simple solution. But that’s what the health insurance industry in Australia is – damn complicated. So many things are difficult to pronounce, let alone to understand. And this is your health we’re talking about!

So tell us – do you want Darius following you around?

Uncomplexicate your Life

We’ve decided it doesn’t have to be that way. Why does something as important as your health and health insurance need to be a complex maze of gaps, no gaps, cover, limits and three letter acronyms (TLA). So lets ditch the TLAs and not only uncomplexicate your health insurance, but uncomplexicate your life.

Health.com.au are giving you straightforward policies, with language everyone can understand.

We’re uncomplexicating health insurance.