How to de-stress as a Mum

Tips to Help Make Motherhood Less Stressful

Motherhood is wonderful. It is rewarding. It is full of joy. It is also really hard, unrelenting, a bit like Groundhog Day at times and it can be stressful.

As a parent, life is a juggle. Often the needs of others are put before your own and at times it might feel like you’re treading water just to stay afloat.

That’s why it’s important to make time to recharge. To help keep a harmonious home, all the people in the family need to be happy, including you.

Here are a few tips to help make motherhood less stressful:

Do some exercise.

Try and find 30 minutes a day to leave the house and get your body moving. It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel when you’re healthier. Yoga, pilates, a brisk walk, a bike ride, a swim or a trip to the gym will not only get your heart rate up, it’ll also help clear your head. Just getting some quiet time will do you wonders. And when you’re feeling stronger in your body, you’ll feel stronger in your soul too.

Get a manicure.

When was the last time you went to the beautician and spoilt yourself? A manicure, pedicure, facial or massage, are all quick and cheap ways to unwind. You’ll feel better about yourself after a bit of pampering. It’s all about being selfish, just for a moment. Doing something for you. And you can’t say a shock of red on your toenails doesn’t make you smile?

Go to the movies.

Movies are a great way to unwind and I’m not talking about the Disney variety. Grab yourself some popcorn and a choc top ice cream, settle down in the comfy seats and get swept away to another place. Whether you go alone or with friends you’re guaranteed to have fun. And you won’t need to take someone to the toilet half way through the film either.

Go on a date night.

Depending on what your babysitter situation is like, you should try and book in regular date nights with your partner. My husband and I have a “five minute rule”. That means we are allowed to talk about our three children for five minutes and then we have to talk about other things. Reconnecting with your partner outside of the family home gives you a chance to confirm what it is you love about each other without the daily demands of children, work and household chores getting in the way. Date nights often bring with them much laughter and who can deny that romance is key to a healthy relationship?

Make time just for you.

Schedule time solely for you. You could take a bubble bath, read a book, go and a have a coffee, head to the shops for some retail therapy – whatever rocks your boat. You spend so much time making sure everyone else has their needs met, it’s vital you meet your own. Stop putting yourself last all the time.

Despite all the magic that comes with being a parent, there’s no denying it’s hard work. Being a parent is tiring. However, it doesn’t mean you should lose your own identity. You can’t be a good parent if you don’t keep working on your own self. Be kind to your inner spirit, get rest and never forget to put yourself first once in awhile. You’ll be a happier, healthy person and your kids will thank you.