Brrrr it’s cold outside! Indoor sports to try this Winter

The winter solstice has just passed, on June 21st. The solstice marks the beginning of the slow return to summer and longer days, it is still going to be a while before you can leave work and fit in nine holes of golf or a run around the botanical gardens. The depths of winter offer a challenging prospect to keep active and fit.

Indoor sport teams are usually more difficult to avoid than find. There is little doubt that someone amongst your friendship or work network is trying to recruit members to their team. Indoor team sports are the ideal way to not only gain fitness but also build strong friendships. Furthermore they offer the perfect opportunity to get in the boss’ good books with a stellar performance. Team sports within a work group are great for building team spirit as they are the perfect levellers. Depending on own personal interest, there are a number of team sports for your perusal.

The usual ones:
Netball, cricket, futsal and touch rugby are the most common of the indoor team sports on the market. Netball, generally mixed gender, is a great team sport as the restricting rules means that everyone must get involved. Touch rugby offers similar benefits to netball but also enables those with a higher level of competency to dominate the game. However, if you wish for a more passive indoor sport, indoor cricket might be the option. With limited bowling, batting and with nets around the pitch, the physical exercise can be quite minimal if you so wish but still offers great social benefits.

The unusual ones:
If you are sick of taking your netball game on week at a time, some other options are European handball, volleyball or water polo. These sports may not be the first that come to mind, however each one offers its own unique physical workout. European handball is a fast breaking ball sport that requires speed, skill, teamwork and strategy. Height is an advantage in handball, but nowhere near that of volleyball. Indoor volleyball requires every member of the team to contribute and the rotation of positions ensures an even distribution of involvement. However if you are really looking to test your aerobic endurance, water polo is a very taxing team sport. Pulling, grabbing, dunking and scratching are all permissible within the state of play of water polo. If you are out to seek revenge, water polo is definitely the sport for you.

The family options:
Moving away from team sports, there are a myriad of options to entertain the family over the long, cold winter. Surprisingly one of the most enjoyable and affordable activities in winter is not in the warmth, but rather on the ice. Ice skating is a great option to involve the whole family and although occurring on the ice, it is an activity that can be embraced in any weather. Another great option in the winter months is indoor rock climbing. With many centres across Australia, rock climbing provides an interesting way to get a full body workout.

Although the motivation may be as low as the sun in the sky during winter, there are a massive range of activities availability to keep you active. Remember, summer is only a short 5 months away and that beach body is not going to build itself.