The Health Benefits of Playing Cricket

Over summer, you usually don’t have to twist someone’s arm to get them outside. The sunshine, the warmth, the summer atmosphere – it’s all conducive to exercise. So, if you’re thinking about playing cricket – whether socially or competitively – it’s good to know that besides the enjoyment of playing the game, your fitness and wellbeing can benefit as well! With that in mind, let’s look at some of the health benefits of playing cricket.


Not being sun smart can lead to many negative health effects that are well known. However, if the proper precautions are taken then the sun can have many positive health benefits. Sunlight has been shown to reduce Vitamin D deficiencies, which can help ward off muscle pain and increase energy levels. On top of that, we’re usually happy when we’re out and about in the sun – it sure beats being stuck inside on a rainy day – so it also contributes to your overall happiness.

Overall Fitness

While it may seem that cricketers stand around all day – you’d probably heard the old joke ‘it’s like watching paint dry’ – in a game of T20 cricket, fieldsmen can run up to 8km. That’s in just 20 overs! Many club games run for 80 overs where fieldsmen can be expected to run a whole lot more. By playing cricket, you’ll be out there in the sun and getting that exercise over a few hours or even a full day. Before you know it, you will have run more than most people would on the weekend, all while playing a game and having fun.

Camaraderie and Mateship

In the recent ashes series between Australia and England, a lot of credit for the Australian team’s success was attributed to the positive environment the team had. They were described as having great camaraderie both on and off the field. Members of cricket teams often become mates through the time spent together both on and off the field. This can have a positive effect on mental health and well being.

With the physical activity it takes to play cricket and the social aspects that bring about mateship and camaraderie, cricket is a great summer sport to play that brings about many health benefits. And above all else – it’s fun!

Indoor Cricket

Maybe you don’t have time on the weekend, live in rainy Melbourne or prefer a faster paced style of cricket? Well then indoor cricket is the sport for you! Indoor cricket will involve a lot of short, sharp sprints and moves along at a cracking pace. While you won’t be enjoying the sunshine, you’ll still be getting fit and spending time with your mates all the same!

You can find your nearest cricket club here. Most clubs will have varying levels to accommodate all types of players, so if you want to play then get out there and play!