How does extras claiming work?

Important notice:

On 1 July 2021, will join Frank Health Insurance. 24 June is the last day to submit outstanding claims and update your address with

Claiming and the online member area are unavailable from 25 June onwards.

You can claim again with Frank from 1 July 2021. 

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Now, back to what you came here for: How does extras claiming work?


Your membership card is designed to be swiped through your favourite providers’ HICAPS or HealthPoint terminal, for on-the-spot claiming.

Simply swipe your card when paying for your service, and you’ll receive your eligible benefit off the overall cost. is one of a handful of health insurers in Australia that has no preferred providers, meaning no matter where you decide to go, you’ll always receive a benefit back, up to your annual limits.

If the provider doesn’t have a HICAPS or HealthPoint terminal, all you’ll need to do is pay for your service, grab a copy of the invoice, and follow the steps below.

How do I claim online?

Our online claiming process is stress free and easy to use. You can claim most services online using the details on your given invoice, provided it’s covered in your current extras package.

To make an online claim, you’ll need to provide the information listed below:

  • The name of the practitioner who provided the service
  • The practitioner’s provider number
  • The specific member who’s making the claim
  • The date of service
  • The service type (Remedial Massage/Dental etc.)
  • The service fee

What services will require a receipt/form to be emailed?

Most claims can be made online without having to provide an invoice. However, the exceptions listed below will require you to upload a photo/scan to our website:

  • Pharmacy
  • Ambulance
  • Health Appliances
  • Health Maintenance
  • Medical Claims for surgeries performed in hospital

What if my claim is more than 2 months old?

Online claiming won’t accept claims older than 2 months from date of service. If your claim is older than the 2 months, we’ll need you to send through your extras claims via our contact form below.

Please Note: We may audit claims and request receipts or copies of an invoice. Please hold on to your receipts for 2 years in the event this is required.