The value of private health insurance in a pandemic

Can I use my private hospital cover right now?

Yes - people still need hospital treatment for diseases and illnesses apart from coronavirus. Private health insurance still covers you for these treatments, just as before.

We’re still funding critical treatments and surgeries included in your cover, such as heart failure, cardiac surgery, infants at risk, neurosurgery, dialysis, pregnancy, oncology and chemotherapy treatment. As usual, when you’re covered by us you’re still able to choose your own specialist. And if you are admitted to hospital for treatment, you still have the option of electing to be treated as a private patient.

And what about Extras?

Availability of extras services in many areas have returned to pre-pandemic levels. is continuing to cover customers for other services such as emergency dental, as we would normally.

So, what happens next?

Elective surgeries that were cancelled due to coronavirus have been rescheduled, depending on hospital capacity at any given time. Previous caps on elective surgeries volumes could possibly lead to a bottleneck in the health system in the future.

Having private hospital cover means that you can avoid an even longer than normal public hospital wait list, as well as have access to private care with your choice of doctor.



Have you heard the word?

On 1 July 2021, will join forces with Frank Health Insurance.

Learn more about the upcoming cover changes here.