The value of private health insurance in a pandemic

Why should I keep my cover during coronavirus?

As we navigate this strange new reality we find ourselves in, it’s fair to wonder if private health insurance is actually worth it at the moment.

We know it’s tough right now. But there are still some solid reasons to hang onto your cover.


Can I even use my private hospital cover right now?

The short answer is yes. People still need hospital treatment for diseases and illnesses apart from coronavirus. Private health insurance still covers you for these treatments, just as before.

Even with some categories of elective surgeries on hold for now, we’re seeing a similar volume of urgent and emergency admissions into the private system.

We’re still funding critical treatments and surgeries included in your cover, such as heart failure, cardiac surgery, infants at risk, neurosurgery, dialysis, pregnancy, oncology and chemotherapy treatment. As usual, when you’re covered by us you’re still able to choose your own specialist. And if you are admitted to hospital for treatment, you still have the option of electing to be treated as a private patient. will cover all customers with hospital cover for COVID-19 related hospitalisations, regardless of their level of cover.


And what about Extras?

Given that the availability of extras services is constantly changing, introduced telehealth benefits for selected services in April. These were initially until 30 September, but have since been extended to 31 March 2021. Telehealth consultations are a safe and effective method of continuing your care from the safety of home. Find out more in our coronavirus FAQ’s. is continuing to cover customers for other services such as emergency dental, as we would normally.


So, what happens next?

Here’s what we can reasonably expect to see in the coming months:

Elective surgeries that were cancelled due to coronavirus will be rescheduled, depending on hospital capacity at any given time. Caps on elective surgeries volumes could possibly lead to a bottleneck in the health system in the future.

Having private hospital cover means that you can avoid an even longer than normal public hospital wait list, as well as have access to private care with your choice of doctor.

We also expect to see more private hospital admissions for our customers who are more vulnerable to COVID-19, such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.


We’re in this together.

We’re not saying it just for the sake of it. have put a number of practical measures in place to help you when you really need it. Take a look through the range of support options here

It’s a concern for everyone, but be assured we’re keeping a close watch on developments as they unfold, and we’re continuing to work behind the scenes on ways to better assist our customers during this tough time.

As always, we’re here if you need us.