HICAPS & iSOFT explained

Claiming your extras with health.com.au is super simple. You can either make use of your healthcare providers’ HICAPS or iSOFT eftpos-style claiming facilities provided by HICAPS and iSOFT HealthPoint, or claim online through our website.
The HICAPS and iSOFT systems allow you to claim during your appointment with your healthcare provider (like your dentist or optometrist):

  • Swipe your Claims Card through an EFTPOS style terminal, and any entitlements will be automatically authorised and paid
  • If there's a difference between your Extras benefit and the fee charged by your provider, then you'll need to pay this on the spot.

If your provider doesn't have HICAPS, iSOFT or it's not an option for any reason, you'll have to pay upfront. Make sure you keep invoice for online claiming.

*Keep in mind the HICAPS or iSOFT receipt is not sufficient. We'll need the full tax invoice to assess the claim at our end.