Tax time 2021

What happens at Tax Time this year?

Each year in July, your Private Health Insurance Statement (tax statement) for the previous financial year is made available to download from the member portal for your records. Since the timing of the transition to Frank coincides with EOFY, we want to make sure you know what’s going on and who you can contact if you need help.

As 30 June 2021 is the end of this financial year, your FY20-21 tax statement will still be generated by, but will be loaded to your new Frank online account in July. The good news is that if you do your tax online, or through an accountant, you won’t need a copy, as the ATO will already have the same information. That’s one less headache!

Frank will let you know when your statement is available in your new online account, but you can keep an eye on their socials for updates too - Frank Facebook | Frank Instagram

Learn more about Tax Time at Frank.


Other tax-ing things:

Make sure your rebate tier is up to date - this doesn’t get updated automatically if your income has changed since you signed up/ last updated it with us. It’s important to make sure you’re claiming the correct tier of rebate, so that you don’t get a surprise at tax time. The latest date this can be updated with is 24 June 2021, or you can update this with Frank after 1 July if needed. You can find more info on rebate tiers here: Rebate and Tax Purposes


If you're an customer who left in the last financial year, your private health insurance details will still be sent to the ATO for pre-filling. If you still need a copy of your statement, please get in touch with Frank after 1 July and they’ll make sure you get a copy.