Entry Hospital

Entry Hospital is a Hospital cover that allows you to be treated as a private patient in a public hospital. This is also known as restricted cover and no services or hospital admissions will be covered in a private hospital on this policy.

Under this policy, you can be admitted to a public hospital as a privately insured patient for elective or urgent procedures. Customers on this policy can be treated by a doctor of their choosing and the doctor is able to bill privately and take advantage of the Access Gap Scheme. More information on the Access Gap Scheme, and understanding out of pockets is available here.

You do not need to go through the public system with this cover. Provided your doctor is willing, they can book you into a public hospital for your admission as a private patient. The booking will still be subject to the availability of the public hospital, and the availability may not be as open as a private hospital.

If you hold the Entry Hospital cover and are seeking private treatment in a public facility, it’s best to check with your doctor early on if this is something they do. This will help ensure you don’t go through the whole journey only to find out they only work in private hospitals.

This policy provides the default shared room rate for public hospitals. This means no benefits will be paid towards a private room in a public hospital, nor any benefit for private hospital admissions. The important thing for you and your doctor to know is that your doctor can continue to bill you as a private patient.