I can’t use my cover like I used to...

With everything changing due to COVID-19, we’ve acted as quickly as possible to support our customers. This has included options such as the premium increase postponement, extended policy suspension options, and telehealth benefits on services including physio, psychology and more.

Given many service providers closed and customers couldn’t claim on some extras services, we’ve added new telehealth options so we could cover and pay benefits to customers 

At health.com.au, extras annual limits run per calendar year. Customers still have until Dec 31 to use their limits. With many providers across the country still offering essential services, customers are still able to make the most of their remaining limits.

Throughout this period, we’ve continued to fund critical treatments and surgeries included in Hospital covers, such as heart failure, cardiac surgery, infants at risk, neurosurgery, dialysis, pregnancy, oncology and chemotherapy treatment etc.

At present, there are different arrangements between the states regarding exactly what type of elective surgeries are permitted. Even with the uncertainty around elective surgeries at present, we’re still expecting a similar volume of urgent and emergency admissions into the private system, as well as an influx of elective procedures, as soon as the restrictions are relaxed.

health.com.au will cover all customers with hospital cover for COVID-19 related hospitalisations, regardless of their level of cover, provided you’ve served any applicable waiting periods.

This benefit has been extended until 31 March 2021 to continue to offer customers peace of mind during the coming months.

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